Neurobehavioral Services


Individual Therapy

In our practice we see therapy as a collaborative process with the client. We see adult clients for many issues involving anxiety, depression, PTSD and other trauma related problems, chronic and persistent mental health issues, grief, and just ordinary problems in living. Dr. Henston has been in private practice since 2006. We use behavioral methods to tackle the problems that my clients face using Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness. We can also use humor in the room to look at the absurdities of life that we often face. It is important to establish a good relationship with your provider and it is important to us that you feel heard and understood. We work to provide a comfortable and safe space for us to meet. We are happy to provide a consultation over the phone for free for 20 minutes. Our practice is busy, and we are unfortunately unable to take all the cases that our referred into us, but we are happy to assist in finding excellent referrals.  

Couples Therapy

Our practice works with couples at any juncture in their relationship in order to increase understanding and open or re-open lines of communication. We deal with many problems that couples face such as raising children, negotiating a busy work-life balance, infidelity, problems with intimacy, how to cope with trauma, grief, altered physical or cognitive health, and negotiating separation. Being a couple requires patience and perseverance. For anyone that has been in a relationship, for any period of time, understands that it takes vulnerability and the ability to trust. While we may enter the relationship with the best of intentions, we can often lose our way through a maze of stressors.  We are happy to provide a consultation over the phone for free for 20 minutes. Our practice is busy, and we are unfortunately unable to take all the cases that are referred into us, but we are happy to assist in finding excellent referrals.  


Neuropsychological assessments

We can perform neuropsychological assessments for a variety of cognitive issues. Cognitive issues may arise due to injury or illness. We have worked in our practice on injury cases involving car accidents and other areas where people have suffered a brain injury. We work with many legal firms in the area and have provided expert testimony in many cases. We can assess for dementia and other degenerative cognitive issues and help you work with your neurologist. We can help families that are facing aging parents that can no longer manage activities of daily living and help plan for further changes. We can also do neuropsychological assessments for determining adult ADD. We do not work with school-aged children in the practice any longer. Our neuropsychological assessments use a therapeutic approach that will help with future planning.

Psychological Assessments

On occasion there comes a need for an assessment for diagnostic purposes of psychological issues. Perhaps you have been struggling with finding the right treatment or finding a mental health medication that benefits you. Sometimes there is a mixture of concerns and treatment has left you feeling misunderstood and no further in your quest for a better life than when you started down the road of therapy. A good psychological assessment can help provide clarity to providers and help you form a better understanding of your problems in living. 

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Henston has conducted numerous forensic evaluations over the years and has been an expert witness in a multitude of trials. The practice focuses on neuropsychological examinations due to head injury, mitigation examinations, and competency evaluations. The mitigation examinations have been conducted on a variety of issues involving charges of murder, sexual assault, assault, robbery, and many other criminal charges. She has conducted numerous competency evaluations involving both mental health issues and developmental disabilities. Dr. Henston is experienced in the courtroom and has not failed to be qualified as an expert. She has conducted forensic examinations of various forms since 2008. This is becoming a significant part of her practice and she has been working towards becoming board certified in forensic psychology. Dr. Henston has attended numerous trainings involving forensics.  


Dr. Henston’s office accepts the following insurance plans:

    United Behavioral (logo?)
Medicare (including supplemental plans) 
Medicare Advantage plans for Aetna, Cigna, and United (with some exceptions depending on your plan).

Please understand your policy in regard to deductibles, co-pays, and in and out of network treatment options. Most policies do not require pre-authorization for therapy, but typically require pre-authorization for neuropsychological and psychological assessments. 

Billing questions can be directed to Margie Krueutz Ph 720-971-1659. Please let her know that you are calling regarding a billing issue from Dr. Henston’s office as she works for other providers.